Conversation Between Me & Sergeant Lim

  • Sergeant Lim: I'm resting under shelter now. Ate a lot of ninja food! Haha.
  • Me: What you mean by ninja food?! Taiwan's ration or Singapore one ah?
  • Sergeant Lim: Whenever we go training, got uncle/aunty drive van to our training area to sell food and drinks. Even when we do navigation exercise, they will find us.
  • Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wah they navigate better than yall man! Lololol xD


Life with Pito is an incredibly moving series by photographer Ginger Unzueta, who documents the precious, everyday memories that her Alzheimer’s-stricken father-in-law still shares with his family. Although the 79-year-old Pito (the Spanish word for “grandfather”) no longer recognizes his wife of 40 years, his four sons, or his seven grandchildren, the family’s unwavering love is evident in the photos.

The Marshmallow Test -

So cute these lil children :D Esp one of the boys so funny! The moment the lady opened the door, he got SOOO EXCITED and instantly turned to the door xD

Definitely will enjoy it more when we wait ;)

Best I Ever Had - Vertical Horizon

Fond memories. Truly appreciate those friends who brought me joy and created moments that we shared together, even though we are not close friends now (might even be awkward to speak now). Who knows what the future might bring and somehow make our paths crossed again.